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    American form of Government

understanding the difference between a Republic and a Democracy


Sadly, it seems most all Americans believe that American government is and has been a democracy from its conception. The false truth that is "American democracy" is being passed along in our government funded schools, by the media, Hollywood ect.. MUST be corrected and longer tolerated! "We the People" need to realize that we were given a Republic form of government AND were WARNED by the Founding Fathers that if "We the People" are not careful to protect our "new Republic" we would end up with a Democracy!!

The warning they gave has come true!

 "We the People" must learn why the Founding Fathers described Democracy as  VILE!  Most importantly we must realize why the founding fathers chose a Republic form of government for "We the People"  to ensure that These United States of America shall be of the most free peoples ever.



"The Pecking Order"

(as found in the Red Beckman Video series)

(This chart represents where the Power and Authority lays in the two forms of government from the top down. Take note as to where you located in each one of these forms of government)


(Mob Rule)

Constitutional Republic

(How the Founding Fathers intended)

X ($)  

(more info in video below)


(the creator)

Majority (mob)

(NOT "We the People")

The Individual

(also known as "We the People"

Government/Agencies The Constitution For The United States of America
Public servants Government
Case and Statute Law Public Servants

Statute Law

(note* absence of case law)

"WE THE PEOPLE" Corporations
















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