Missouri Dejure


The Meaning of Self-Government



   The word , Self-government, is of American origin. It’s meaning is, —Rational, candid and manly conduct and independence in our concerns, which does not admit the the interference of others. It is the fruit of Liberty in America, and is but very little known in Europe and Asia.



In America, our Founders revolted against the tyranny of British rule and created a Republican Form of government whereby the power and authority is at all times and in all ways in the hands of We the People. In the design the Founders created, there are 3 critical elements of self government that We the People MUST execute or else the Founder’s creation stands to lose its self governing characteristics. The critical 3 elements of self government are Assemblies, Common Law Grand Juries, and Militias.


Unfortunately, We the People simply stopped doing the work of self government and allowed the professional politicians and special interests to take charge and it is now our duty to re-establish our Republican Form of government gifted to us by our Founders.




 For our own benefit and that of our posterity, if we want a chance to return to a government of, by, and for the People, we must come together now and do the work necessary to stand up our County and State Assemblies, our County and State Common Law Grand Juries, and our Militias.